Search and read Wikipedia articles offline on your BlackBerry® phone


WikiPock is the ultimate software putting all the information you need at your fingertips. Want to look up for an acronym while you're walking down the street? Want to pull up last year's academy awards results while you're out with friends? WikiPock lets you acquire and share knowledge anywhere you are, even without an internet connection. The world's biggest encyclopedia is in your phone!

Why Use WikiPock?

  • It's the only tool out there that lets you access Wikipedia in its entirety from your mobile phone without using your data plan or an internet connection.
  • WikiPock is significantly faster than searching and downloading an article over the web.
  • When you're dying to have the answer but you're out of range or can't get online:
    • While in transit: on planes, in subways or tunnels, on ships or trains.
    • While site seeing: in museums, gardens, or cities.
    • While abroad for work or for pleasure.
    • At social events, business meetings or class reunions.
    • When your company or your parents have blocked your access to the web, making your fabulous mobile phone much less fabulous.
  • You can browse Wikipedia without draining your battery.

Key Features

  • No internet or connection required. The data is stored in your phone. No need for Edge/3G/4G/Wi-Fi. No roaming or data charges.
  • Full content. Everything is included (except images).
  • Instant search. Results appear instantly as you type. Benchmark shows that WikiPock is ten times faster than searching and downloading a wiki article from the web with a mobile phone.
  • Clean mobile-formatted pages. Pages are well formatted and easy to read on your mobile phone's screen.
  • Preloaded microSDHC™ memory card available. We ship you a ready-to-use microSDHC™ card within 1 business day. Free shipping worldwide. Just insert it in your mobile phone's microSDHC slot and you're done! No downloads or installation necessary.
  • Always up-to-date. We provide optional updates so your wiki is always on track with the newest articles and corrections.
  • Battery-life saver. Since there's no data to download, battery consumption is considerably reduced.
  • Easy user interface. Intuitive, nothing to learn.
  • Available for Android™, BlackBerry®, Symbian® and Windows Mobile® in 25 languages including English, German, French. Includes also Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Catalan, Turkish, Finnish, Czech, Afrikaans, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Danish, Indonesian.


  • Plus Edition: Includes the latest version of Wikipedia in all languages + updates for one year. Keep your encyclopedia updated with the newest articles and corrections via the dedicated Downloads section of our website.
  • Basic Edition: Includes the latest version of Wikipedia in all languages. No updates.

Preloaded microSDHC™ memory card (Option)

If you wish, we can ship you a preloaded ready-to-use 32GB or 16GB microSDHC™ memory card within 1 business day. Free shipping worldwide. Just insert it into your phone's microSDHC™ slot and you're done! No download and installation necessary. You can use the extra space to store your music and photos. SD adapter included.


  • “I use WikiPock all the time... It's like an extension of my brain!” – Dan T.
  • “My experiences with WikiPock so far have been 10 out of 10!” – Mr. Al
  • “I wanted to tell you that I'm a gigantic fan of WikiPock. I refer to it a couple times a day and at this point, and you could say I'm borderline dependent on it.” – Amy R.
  • “I use it almost daily and I swear I've learned more from this application than all my college textbooks combined.” – Andrew T.
  • “I installed WikiPock and I am hooked.” – Khuzema I
  • “I've been using Windows Mobile for 6 years. This is one of the best tools available.” – Bruce A.
  • “I have received my microSD card and am truely enjoying the pleasure of having wikipedia in my pocket.” – CY
  • “WikiPock is really usefull and well thought.” – Michel M.
  • “I love your product, really great work.” – William L.
  • “Wikipedia in the pocket is a must have.” – David G.
  • “This is a great app, I have run Windows Mobile for years and rarely install 3rd party apps.” – John C.
  • “I just installed WikiPock. It runs smoothly and very quickly on my phone. Excellent work!” – Jordi V.


BlackBerry OS 4.3.0 and above.

Alltel BlackBerry 7130, Alltel BlackBerry 7250, Alltel BlackBerry 8703e, Alltel BlackBerry 8830, Alltel BlackBerry Curve 8330, Alltel BlackBerry Pearl 8130, Alltel BlackBerry Tour 9630, Alltel Pearl Flip 8230, AT&T BlackBerry 7130c, AT&T BlackBerry 7290, AT&T BlackBerry 8700c, AT&T BlackBerry 8800, AT&T BlackBerry 8820, AT&T BlackBerry 9700, AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9000, AT&T BlackBerry Curve, AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8310, AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8320, AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8900, AT&T BlackBerry Pearl, AT&T BlackBerry Pearl 8110, AT&T BlackBerry Pearl 8120, BlackBerry 5810, BlackBerry 5820, BlackBerry 6210, BlackBerry 6220, BlackBerry 6230, BlackBerry 6280, BlackBerry 6510, BlackBerry 6710, BlackBerry 6720, BlackBerry 6750, BlackBerry 7100g, BlackBerry 7100i, BlackBerry 7100r, BlackBerry 7100t, BlackBerry 7100v, BlackBerry 7100x, BlackBerry 7105t, BlackBerry 7130c, BlackBerry 7130e, BlackBerry 7130g, BlackBerry 7130v, BlackBerry 7210, BlackBerry 7230, BlackBerry 7250, BlackBerry 7270, BlackBerry 7280, BlackBerry 7290, BlackBerry 7510, BlackBerry 7520, BlackBerry 7730, BlackBerry 7750, BlackBerry 7780, BlackBerry 8100 Pearl, BlackBerry 8110 Pearl, BlackBerry 8120, BlackBerry 8130 Pearl, BlackBerry 8220 Pearl Flip, BlackBerry 8230, BlackBerry 8300 Curve, BlackBerry 8310 Curve, BlackBerry 8320 Curve, BlackBerry 8330 Curve, BlackBerry 8330m Curve, BlackBerry 8350i Curve, BlackBerry 8520 Curve, BlackBerry 8530 Curve, BlackBerry 8700, BlackBerry 8700c, BlackBerry 8700f, BlackBerry 8700g, BlackBerry 8700r, BlackBerry 8700v, BlackBerry 8703e, BlackBerry 8707v, BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8820, BlackBerry 8830, BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, BlackBerry 8900 Curve, BlackBerry 8910, BlackBerry 9000 Bold, BlackBerry 9100 Pearl 3G, BlackBerry 9105 Pearl 3G, BlackBerry 9150, BlackBerry 9220, BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G, BlackBerry 9310 Curve 9310, BlackBerry 9320 BlackBerry Curve 9320, BlackBerry 9330 Curve, BlackBerry 9350 Curve 9350, BlackBerry 9360 Curve, BlackBerry 9370 BlackBerry Curve 9370, BlackBerry 9380 Blackberry 9380 Curve, BlackBerry 9500 Storm, BlackBerry 9520 Storm II, BlackBerry 9530 Storm, BlackBerry 9550 Storm2, BlackBerry 9620 Patagonia 9620, BlackBerry 9630 Tour, BlackBerry 9650 Bold, BlackBerry 9650 Tour2, BlackBerry 9670, BlackBerry 9700, BlackBerry 9700 Bold, BlackBerry 9700a Bold, BlackBerry 9780, BlackBerry 9790 BlackBerry Bold 9790, BlackBerry 9800 Torch, BlackBerry 9810 Torch 4G, BlackBerry 9900, BlackBerry 9981 Porsche Design P’9981, BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 Dakota, Blackberry Bold Touch 9930, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Curve 8310, BlackBerry Curve 8320, BlackBerry Curve 8330, BlackBerry Curve 8350i, BlackBerry Curve 8520, BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Essex, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Pearl 8110, BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Pink, BlackBerry Pearl 8120, BlackBerry Pearl 8130, BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220, BlackBerry Storm 2 9550, BlackBerry Storm 9500, BlackBerry Torch 9800, BlackBerry Torch 9850 Volt, BlackBerry Torch 9860 Monza, BlackBerry Tour 9630, Cellcom BlackBerry 7130e, Cellcom BlackBerry 8703e, Cellcom BlackBerry 8830, RIM 857, RIM 950, RIM 957, Sprint BlackBerry 7100i, Sprint BlackBerry 7130e, Sprint BlackBerry 8703e, Sprint BlackBerry 8830, Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330, Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8350i, Sprint BlackBerry Pearl 8130, Sprint BlackBerry Tour 9630, T-Mobile BlackBerry 8700g, T-Mobile BlackBerry 8800, T-Mobile BlackBerry 8820, T-Mobile BlackBerry 9700, T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve, T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8520, T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900, T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8100, T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8120, T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Flip, Verizon BlackBerry 7130e, Verizon BlackBerry 8530, Verizon BlackBerry 8703e, Verizon BlackBerry 8830, Verizon BlackBerry Curve 8330, Verizon BlackBerry Pearl 8130, Verizon BlackBerry Pearl Flip, Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2, Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530, Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630, Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500.

Also available for: Windows Mobile®, Android™, Symbian®.

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Buy Now - From $9.99

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